The Phantom

The Man in the Mask

Who was the man in the mask? That question has intrigued me for years…

I once met a man who was wearing a mask. I didn’t know the man, but his mask got me curious. I wanted to know more of the man and his strange outfit.

Who is he?
Why is he wearing a mask?
Is he trying to hide something?
Why he doesn’t want to be recognized?

Unfortunately I never got my questions answered and the story of the mask stayed as a mystery to me, but it got me thinking.

Do we really want to even know everything, or do we love the mystery more? By not knowing all the facts it gives us the possibility to use our own imagination to fill the blanks and create wild explanations for the mask.

And after all, isn’t that the greatest pleasure? To inspire your own mind to a great adventure and create your own story based on the mysterious white mask…