Portrait of a Lady

Portrait of a Lady is a series of four beautiful gallery photographs. This series present a modern, independent woman, who also has her softer feminine side. For this project I had a pleasure to work with a Finnish model who managed to create the perfect atmosphere for these photos.

The first photo of the series is all about optimism and positive thinking.
The model is looking forward towards the future, waiting, almost knowing what possibilities it will bring.

The second photo highlights the person’s confidence and determination. She knows who she is and knows what she wants.

On the third photo the woman has her back to the camera telling us that she is not interested of others. The dark shade of the photo highlights this image even more. But at the same time her eyes are focused on the camera creating the connection with the viewer and her hand holds the other arm symbolizing the importance of human touch.

The final photo is like a painting.
It shows the woman’s sensitive side. She is very open and sincere. Not afraid to show herself, but does it very subtle and elegant way.